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Company history

In 2000 SARL was founded by an engineer EPFL - Mr. Enrico Riboni in Boudry in Switzerland.

From the beginning was active in France and the company France was created in 2008 to better serve our customers in France and in the European Union.

Since December 2011, experienced a change of ownership and now belongs to the same group of companies as DLK Technologies SA, specialist in the treatment and recycling of industrial effluents.

DLK Technologies and

Through this association and based on the practical experience of DLL, can you now provide turnkey service and a tailored service. The pooling of services offered by the two companies allows us to offer a wider range of water treatment solutions, whether it be purification, filtration, recycling and treatment of waste water. This combination of technologies offers new opportunities, particularly in the field of recycling of water, for the watch industry, surface treatment, or the food industry.

Companies Switzerland and DLK Technologies came together in the same premises in the canton of Neuchâtel in Le Locle. Therefore, our customers benefit from a common knowledge, inherited a large experience, provided by the same staff. provides solutions based on the needs for industry and individuals while DLK offers turnkey installations for industry and garages. This association allows us to satisfy you for all your water treatment applications and we are able to offer you water treatment solution, that you really need!

An overview of our water treatment solutions ...

What we offer you...  DLK     CH FR
  • Turnkey system
  • Skid system
  • Treatment of process water
  • Treatment of wastewater
  • Washing, recycling
  • Water treatment for individuals
  • Water treatment with ozone
  • Deodorization

 The colored boxes are activated boxes.

Your advantages with

  • provides both products and technical support for the development and implementation of your ozone treatment process.
  • For the treatment of water, offers a set of technologies able to meet all requirements with a real experience of the use of ozone and probably the only company that can provide you all for ozone.

Why ozone ?

Ozone is a strong oxidant, which is used for over a century in water treatment. It has many advantages among which are:

  • A disinfectant with the highest redox potential of all oxidants usable industrially.
  • Unstable, it recombines to form oxygen after use (about 20 min).
  • Produced on site, no storage or transport required, resulting in increased safety for the user.
  • Unlike chlorine, it doesn't form dangerous derivatives.

Information on the content of our website

  • The products presented on this site is for certain not in stock but we can be ordered as needed.
  • The photos are pictures as examples.
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