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Reverse osmosis system Merlin

Reverse osmosis system Merlin

Osmoseur à débit direct


This unit is quiet and economical. It's simple to install under your sink and comes with all hardware required for installation.

Performance can vary depending on the quality of the water inlet.

Typical Performance:

  • RO water flow: 1.5 to 3 l / min
  • Rejection rate: 95%
  Minimum Maximum
RO water flow 1.90 l/min 3.78 l/min
Rejection rate 90% 99%
Concentrate flow 3.8 l/min 7.6 l/min


  • Height: 26.82 cm
  • Length: 50.89 cm
  • Depth: 24.25 cm

Merlin dimensions

NB: Dimensions are in mm and those in brackets in inches.

Terms of Use

  Minimum Maximum
Supply Pressure (1) 2.76 bars 5.52 bars
Water temperature 4°C 38°C
Dissolved solids (total mineralization of water) (2) 50 mg/l 2000 mg/l
Water hardness (3) - 17 °dF
Free chlorine (4) - 1.0 mg/l
Dissolved iron (5) - 0.3 mg/l
Manganese (5) - 0.1 mg/l


(1): Usually Swiss homes are equipped with pressure regulators adjusted to 4 bar.

(2): Switzerland Drinking water contains between 150 and 350 mg / l of dissolved solids and there is no drinking water with more than 1000 mg / l of dissolved solids (WHO recommendations: max. 500 mg / l). If you have any doubt, send us or bring us a sample of your water to a free control of the concentration of dissolved solids.

(3) If your water has a hardness greater than 17 ° dF, there must be a water softener or a electronic anti-scale system (up to about 25 ° dF) before the reverse osmosis unit. Contact us for a special offer.

(4): In Switzerland the concentration of chlorine in drinking water is generally less than 0.2 mg / l

(5): Normally drinking water contains no or very little dissolved iron and manganese. If your water should be an exception, contact us for an offer.


The installation should be done by your plumber of trust.
Typical installation time: 1 to 2 hours.


  • Conductivity online
    • It lets you view the quality of the water produced.
  • UV option
    • A double barrier against bacteria.


The membranes must be changed every few years. The filter cartridge should be replaced once every six months.

  • Pack of 2 high-speed membranes
  • Cartridge pre-filtration
  • Post filter
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