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The scale in the water pipes of the house, pots, basins, shower enclosures is the result of precipitation of calcium dissolved in the water, in the form of calcium carbonate.

There are several methods to prevent the precipitation:

  • Electromagnetic anti-scale, which stabilize the calcium present in the water.
  • The water softener, which remove the calcium from the water.
  • Specific filter cartridges for water softening.
  • The anti-scale filter for mini appliances.

Electromagnetic anti-scale

These devices allow the stabilization of the calcium in the water to slow its precipitation.

Under the effect of an electromagnetic induced fields, calcium carbonate microcrystals are formed and remain suspended in the water.


  • Slows scale deposits by a factor of at least 3
  • Method doesn't affect the chemical composition of water
  • No maintenance
  • Simple to install 

Water softener

Water softener These are the only devices that physically remove limescale to reject it in the sewer: calcium ions are removed from water by ion exchange.


  • Elimination of the risk of precipitation
  • Usable whatever the water hardness

Filter cartridges

Filter cartridges 
  • These filter cartridges are an advantageous alternative to softeners when the flow rate and the water consumption are low.

Treatment scaling and preventing corrosion by polyphosphates

  •  Protection appliances against scale using a anti-scale filter.

Which solution to choose ?

  • The softener if
    • the water hardness is high (> 25 ° dF);
    • the problems that the scale has already caused are serious.
  • The filter cartridge when the flow rate and the water consumption are low.
  • The anti-scale filter for mini appliances.
  • The electromagnetic anti-scale in other cases.

CENTRAL water treatment

Your water requires several treatments. So 3F central water treatment is for you. It includes three treatments:

  • a combined sediment and activated carbon filter: captures tastes, chlorine, odors, sludge;
  • an electronic anti-scale significantly reducing scale formation in your facility;
  • a sterilization by UV.
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